Peak Performance

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior who wants to strive for ultimate performance, neurofeedback has been shown to take you to heights that you never dreamed possible. Peak performance training using neurofeedback is similar to training in the gym. Just as muscles respond in the gym with exercises, the brain similarly learns to communicate more optimally and efficiently through neurofeedback training. Not unlike conditioning and strength training for your body, a few workouts with Peak Performance Neurofeedback Training produces noticeable improvements in the condition and power of the brain. Like a good coach, this system trains you how to efficiently use and continually strengthen your brain.


Neurofeedback has been used for optimizing performance by athletes in world class football, basketball, baseball and hockey teams. Musicians, students, executives, opera singers, dancers and designers have benefitted from Neurofeedback training to improve their performance, creativity and memory.


Neurofeedback training methods were used on the Italian Soccer Team recently along with guided imagery and cognitive therapy techniques in a room they called the “mind room”. There was quite a bit of media attention regarding their training methods during this time. A large amount of credit was given to neurofeedback for this team winning the World Cup in 2006.


Stress and anxiety has been shown to have devastating effects on the human body and it has been shown to be probably the biggest reason for athletic failures. Neurofeedback helps athletes severely reduce activity elevated stress produced by self-criticism and by replaying past failures.  This can be hard to do to keep the mind focused on their desired outcomes and not keep going over past mistakes and mishaps. By reinforcing  positive outcomes causes a repetition of these preferred performance to occur in the future.


It is extremely important to be able to perform in a relaxed state especially when the stakes are high and it seems as though the whole world is depending upon you to win. Athletes in the Olympic games have a lot of pressure placed on them to win. However, there are quite a few people who make the Olympic team and the pressure is off of them because they are not expected to win a medal.  Even though these athletes have worked extremely hard to make the team, they simply are not regarded as having the talent required to place on the podium. They are not expected to win a medal and are simply happy to be there.  Every Olympic there are numerous of these individuals that surprise everyone by winning a spot on the podium.


On the other hand, when the demands are so high to bring home the gold, athletes will repeatedly disappoint themselves by making errors that cost them the medal. This was very much the case back in 2002 when Michelle Kwan was expected to bring home the gold in the long program. Unfortunately she did not bring home the gold or silver for the long program that year and had to settle on the bronze. However, during the closing presentation, when there was no pressure on her, Michelle performed her heart out and rose the crowd to their feet. Those who saw this performance will never forget it.


Neurofeedback is more recently being used by numerous athletes, professional and Olympic teams to eliminate obstacle to achieving peak performance states and gain more frequent control of and access to the “zone”.


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