After sustaining a car accident, Sharon lost everything. Like many people who suffer with debilitating symptoms due to a traumatic brain injury, people around them do not understand what they are going through. After all, they often do not look any different than before the accident. That doesn’t mean that this person doesn’t feel miserable inside. Many lose friends and loved one’s because of not being able to express themselves and not being able to deal with the new emotions they are feeling. So often Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries go undiagnosed and untreated as in Sharon’s case.

You saved my life, gave me back things I never dreamed could possibly happen even though I begged, pleaded and prayed daily. It has been nearly a year now since I first began seeing you and nearly four since my car accident. I was dying on the couch after losing my husband of 28 years, my two children, my home, my business, my second home, my friends, family and nearly my mind. I was so very sick, hurt, confused and abandoned by so much and so many. I desperately needed help.


My journey to recovery with you happened only after my first session. The anger I was experiencing disappeared. I couldn’t believe it. I really didn’t think it was that bad until it was gone. No more road rage, arguments, or pushing others completely over the edge. It was unreal. These days I’m back to pretty much myself. I still have moods like anyone, but I’m once again in control. All of this happened as a result of all of the various treatments I received at your office: neurofeedback, chiropractic adjusting, acupuncture, laser and qigong work. I can’t thank you enough.

Bill didn’t even hit his head on anything after being struck by a truck last year. The accident itself was pretty minor. He has had accidents much worse than this one in the past. The symptoms that followed this accident however were simply debilitating.

Nobody even examined my head. I told all of the doctors that I had headaches and balance issues following my accident. I also had memory problems, neck pain, and became very emotional. I had a flood of emotions ranging from anger, fear, anxiety, depression and even joy. I was on an emotional rollercoaster. I was prescribed numerous medications to help control my symptoms. The medications helped control my symptoms to some degree, but I was always tired, groggy and not able to live life like I previously lived. I used to be quite active before the accident. Looking at four walls at home for long enough and being in a numbed up state with all of the medications I was prescribed drove me to keep searching for a better alternative. This search led me to Dr. Woodard.


I was surprised when Dr. Woodard wanted to address my brain when I had been to numerous doctors that didn’t even want to broach this subject. After doing an exam and brain map, it was quite evident what what going on. Dr. Woodard showed me on my brain map where my brain was bruised following my whiplash and how my head didn’t have to have been struck. The shear force of the head being forcefully moved from front to back, after being struck from behind, actually caused my brain to strike the inside of my skull in the front of my brain and the back.


Being locked up in my household and feeling like I am living someone else s “couch potatoes” was driving me crazy. Every doctor’s main concern seemed to be merely trying to control my symptoms and throw pills at me. Nobody was looking at ways of trying to get my life back. After receiving 15 neurofeedback sessions, which helped normalize the abnormal findings that were found on my brain map, I have felt like my normal self. I am now living like I want to – on my terms.